Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An experiment to create and observe multiple ‘Rainbows’ from a single drop of water

Teachers: Dr. T. R. Trivedi & Prof. S. V. Dholakia
Students: Anuj R. Machhi & Akshay B. Mahida (B.Sc,Sem:II)
Department: Physics
College: Bhavan’s Shri I.L.Pandya Arts & Science and Smt. J.Shah Commerce College, Dakor
Date:20th Feb,2016 (National Science Day Celebrations)
Place: Community Science Center, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Dist: Anand

Abstract: We are used to observing rainbow during monsoon season mostly during the evening with the Sun in the sky. However, in the laboratory we can demonstrate rainbow, on a smaller scale, with the light from a simple filament lamp. This needs an arrangement of a spectrometer and a drop of water held properly. We are able to observe color bands having order similar to those of a rainbow in nature if suitable conditions are matched, it leads us to understanding of refraction and dispersion.We have carried out an experiment in the laboratory using simple student spectrometer, white light and a water drop which exhibits different orders of rainbow colors if the water drop is appropriately illuminated and aligned with the apparatus as shown in the figure.

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